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Driver Center

Recorded Calls from the President
March 8th, 2018
February 21st, 2018
February 15th, 2018
February 1st, 2018

Driver Resources
Employee Handbook
Approved travel routes
Fuel Stop Listing
Settlement Sheet

Benefit Vendor Contacts

Group Health Insurance
POS 2.5k Ded Medical Summary of Benefits and Coverages
HSA 5k Ded Medical Summary of Benefits and Coverages
Dental Benefits Summary
Dental Certificate Booklet
Vision Certificate Booklet
Temporary Medical ID Cards
Temporary Dental/Vision ID Cards

Voluntary Life and AD&D Insurance
Voluntary Life Plan Summary
Voluntary Life Premium Grid

Disability Insurance
Short Term Disability Plan Summary
Short Term Disability Benefit Booklet
Long Term Disability Plan Summary
Long Term Disability Premium Grid
Long Term Disability Benefit Booklet

Accident Insurance
Accident Plan Summary
Accident Schedule of Benefits
Accident Employee Booklet

Benefit Tools
Prescription Tiers

CDL Self Certification Forms
Georgia Self Certification Form
Mississippi Self Certification Form
North Carolina Self Certification Form
Oklahoma Self Certification Form
South Carolina Self Certification Form
Tennessee Self Certification Form
Texas Self Certification Form
Virginia Self Certification Form